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KaL MichaeL
KaL MichaeL

San Francisco, CA

Indie Digital Designer/Product Creator, specializing in UX Strategy, UI Design, and Icon Creation.

adobe photoshop, graphic art, icon creation, ios design, mac design, photography, product design, ui, ux, web design

  1. Plaaying for Mac App Icon mac app music plaaying
  2. Spark for Mac by Readdle apple spark macos email app
  3. Spark For Mac by Readdle - Brilliant 3rd party Integrations wunderlist todoist omnifocus trello asana one note evernote spark macos email apple app
  4. Spark for iPad by Readdle spark ipad ios email app store app
  5. Spark for Mac 1.2 by Readdle spark macos email apple app
  6. Video Embed icon video tickets rapidweaver stack vimeo youtube dailymotion instagram vine
  7. Spark 1.5 App Store Views  iphone app ios email spark app store
  8. PDF Expert for Mac ui pdf mac app
  9. Free Preference Icons Thanks to Plaaying ui plaaying macos spotify itunes apple music icons preferences psd freebie
  10. iOS 7 Icon Grid Wallpaper for iPhone 5 ios7 grid wallpaper iphone5 gradient defocus apple blue
  11. Spark + PDF Expert by Readdle pdfexpert spark ios email apple app
  12. Wooden Frame PSD Freebie is 3 flavors frame free psd wood wire freebie download
  13. SPFX chair director directors chair red star wood
  14. Plaaying App 1.1 apple music itunes ux ui plaaying macos
  15. The Comedian (The Watchmen) iPhone wallpaper set iphone wallpaper watchmen yellow smilie blood the comedian
  16. Image Safe icon rapidweaver green yellow metal plugin album images photo pictures
  17. Strategyn.com webdesign strategyn innovation web
  18. White Shelves Wallpaper For iPhone 5 wallpaper iphone5 shelves white
  19. Dispatch - Version 2 icon box brown cardboard stacks rapidweaver
  20. image filters filter icon colors camera
  21. Posterous Stamp posterous icon yellow stamp rapidweaver p cloud blog
  22. Red Cross March 2011 redcross japan red cross donate
  23. Plaaying App mac app ux ui plaaying
  24. Spot On Time App app ios spotontime
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